Course ID, Title

I teach the same course regularly. How can I tell one course from another?

Each Blackboard course has a unique course ID based on the semester it was taught, the course department, number and section. A spring 2016 course would have the identifier beginning with the year and a semester indicator (2): 20162 (summer courses are identified with '6' (20166) and fall with '8' (20168). 20162-ENGL-400---12 is section 12 of English 400 taught in the spring semester of 2016. Click on the Courses tab to view your course IDs.

I'm teaching two separate "master courses" of the same course, so the two courses now have the same title. Can I change their course titles so I know which one I'm in?

While course titles displayed in Blackboard are pulled directly from Registration and Records' database (so there is no way to change them), there are workarounds for lessening the ambiguity between multiple master course sections: in particular, you could change something obvious inside one (or both) of the courses.

For instance, you could add two different banners, one each to the top of the courses' Home Pages (the default Course Entry Point).

Otherwise, you could modify the names of the links on the course menu to be slightly different between the two sections, memorizing which belongs to which section.

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Last Updated: 8/18/2017