Course Areas

What types of information should go in each of the course areas?

Placement of course materials will vary from subject to subject, but there are some general considerations when deciding where to place certain components.

  • Information--general information about the course or materials that students will need to refer to throughout the semester, such as the syllabus, assignments schedule, and course forms
  • Content--main course content divided into weeks, units, modules, etc.
  • Assessments--instructions, rubrics, Assignments, SafeAssignments, tests or quizzes
  • Contacts--information about the Faculty Member or TA: email, phone, office hours; can also be used to display similar information about students

Note that these content areas are the default areas. The menu can be customized to meet the needs of any course design. Visit the Customizing Your Course Menu page for more information.

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Last Updated: 05/24/2011