Course Access FAQ

I can see records of students in my Scheduled Blackboard course roster, but students say they can't access my course. What's wrong?

If your students can log into Blackboard but can't see your course, you may have forgotten to make the course available. To make the course available:

  1. In the Control Panel, click Customization
  2. Click Properties
  3. Under section 3, Set Availability, set Make Course Available to Yes
  4. Click the Submit button

Without this step, students enrolled in your course cannot access the course.

How can I gain access to a course in Blackboard that was taught by another Faculty Member?

The instructor of record, and anyone else with the role of “instructor” has the ability to grant access to a course to other faculty and staff members. To do so, see how to Add Users.

Also, the department chair can authorize and request access to the course through the IT Service Desk at

Sharing course materials between NIU faculty members is subject to the NIU Intellectual Property Policy. *Note: ownership of course materials created in collaboration with other departments or units, such as eLearning Services, is retained by the university.

Do I have to grant student access to all materials on my Blackboard site?

No. One great feature of Blackboard is the ability to add documents to a course and make them currently unavailable to students. When adding a folder or item, Blackboard will ask: "Permit Users to View this Content." Answer NO to hide the material. When you want to make it available, click the Action Link next to the item and choose Edit. Change the selection for Permit Users to View this Content to Yes and click the Submit button. You can also select specific dates you want the document available for students. Additionally, the Faculty Member can set restrictions on who may access files and when. See Controlling Access to Content for details.

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Last Updated: 05/04/2016