Blackboard Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Web Conferencing

What training is available for those desiring to teach with Blackboard Collaborate?

Online support document and links to tutorials are available at Hands-on training workshops are offered throughout the year by the Faculty Development and Instructional Design Center. Check the Upcoming Workshops for any sessions currently scheduled. 

What are the minimum technical requirements for students and presenters using Blackboard Collaborate?

For Blackboard Collaborate Ultra, view the supported browsers. For Blackboard Collaborate Classic, view the minimum system requirements

What if I experience technical difficulties? Who can I contact for support?

Blackboard Collaborate offers 24/7 support for both students and faculty. For support, contact Blackboard Collaborate using any of the following:

phone: 877.382.2293
online help for moderators
online help for participants

Is it possible to use Blackboard Collaborate in a Blackboard Community?

Yes, Blackboard Collaborate is available in all NIU Blackboard courses and communities from within the Control Panel by clicking "Organization Tools" and then "Blackboard Collaborate".

My department would like to use Blackboard Collaborate for live online meetings. Is it possible to receive access to Blackboard Collaborate to create and manage live sessions that aren't associated with a specific course section?

Yes, NIU departments can request a Blackboard Collaborate Community Portal to create and manage Blackboard Collaborate sessions. To request, the department designee should complete the Computer Access Request form. 

Once at the form, make the following selections:

  1. Select your account type (Faculty / Staff Account)
  2. Select Blackboard and then click the Continue button
  3. Select Collaborate to request creation of a new Blackboard Collaborate Community. Click the Continue button.
    Note: One Community per Department. If your Department already has a Collaborate Community, contact the Department Community Leader to be added to it. 
  4. Follow the remaining prompts to enter the community leader's Account ID, college / department, and requestor's Account ID. Then, click the Continue button to submit your request.

Can I use Blackboard Collaborate with a guest speaker?

Yes you can! You can easily invite a guest speaker when you are creating the session. To do so, edit the Settings for a particular session and ensure that the Guest Access setting is checked. Copy the Guest Link and send it to your guest speaker. 

Can I invite guest participants to a Blackboard Collaborate session? 

Yes you can! You can easily invite a guest speaker when you are creating the session. To do so, edit the Settings for a particular session and ensure that the Guest Access setting is checked. Copy the Guest Link and send it to your guest participants. 

Can I have students from two different courses use the same Blackboard Collaborate session?

Yes! Create the sesison within one course, and then post the Guest Link in the second course. Students from the first course will log in automatically with their name, and students from the second course will simply type their name when they join the session.

Can I access Blackboard Collaborate sessions from my mobile device?

Yes, a free mobile app for iOS, Android, and Windows devices is available that allows students to participate in a session directly from their mobile device. Participants (students) can join a Collaborate session by clicking a link in a course from within the app, or by clicking a link in an email message or their mobile browser. Learn more about the Bb Student app.

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Can I access Adobe Connect in Blackboard?

Adobe Connect sessions can be scheduled and accessed from within Blackboard.

To schedule an Adobe Connect meeting:

  1. Navigate to the course in which the meeting is to be scheduled
  2. Click Tools from the Course Menu
  3. Click Adobe Connect
  4. Click Add Meeting next to the appropriate option ("Course Meetings", "Office Hours", "Study Groups", etc.)
  5. Fill out the required information (name of the meeting and template design) along with any optional settings (custom URL, summary, start time, duration, and access type)
  6. Click Next
  7. You may then change the role of any of the Participants by clicking on their username in the right-hand column, clicking Set User Role, and choosing the desired role. You may also invite additional users from this screen by clicking "Add Guest".
  8. Finally, click Finish

After you have set up your Adobe Connect meeting, students may access it by clicking the Tools link on the Course Menu, then, on the Tools page, clicking the Adobe Connect link, and finally the "Join" button next to the appropriate meeting.

A link to the Adobe Connect meeting list may also be added to a Content Area by navigating to the relevant content area, then selecting "Adobe Connect" from the Tools menu.

Last Updated: 9/30/2016