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Blackboard FAQ: Banner

How do I attach a banner to my Blackboard course?

In order to upload a banner into a Blackboard course, the faculty member needs to have a properly-sized banner created. Banners should be no larger than 1000 x 150 pixels; larger banners take up too much of the space on a page. Banners must be created and sized outside Blackboard and should be uploaded as a .gif or .jpg file.

To add a banner:

  • Go to the Control Panel and click Customization, then select Teaching Style
  • In the adjacent window, scroll down to Section No. 7, Select Banner
  • Click the "Browse My Computer" button and select the banner image that is stored on the computer
  • Click Submit

Some useful websites that will help you create banners easily are:

What file format(s) will Blackboard accept for a course banner image?

Blackboard will accept a variety web-friendly image formats. It is recommended to use banner image files in either .jpg or .gif format.


I used Macromedia Fireworks to create a banner for my course? What do I need to do to save my image in a format that I can upload as a banner into Blackboard?

After you've created your banner, the final step prior to loading it into Blackboard is to export your banner to a web-friendly image format like .jpg or .gif. To do this, within Fireworks simply click "FILE then click EXPORT WIZARD" and follow the step-by-step instructions to exporting your image. You can then upload your banner to your course.

I'm looking for a free graphic editing software that I can use to create a banner. Do you have any recommendations?

It is true than any software that allows for cropping and exporting of graphics can be used to create a banner for use in Blackboard. You need not spend a lot of money to purchase a high-end editing package. One free software worth downloading and trying is Serif Photo Plus 6.0 available as a free download from

When I had the course cartridge installed in Blackboard it put a huge picture of the text, the name of the text and the names of the authors over my announcements section.  How do I remove it?

Go to CONTROL PANEL and click COURSE DESIGN then click COURSE BANNER. Click the box next to "Remove this banner" Finally, click "Submit" and then "OK."

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Last Updated: 04/26/2016