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Is there a way to record attendance in Blackboard?

While Blackboard currently does not have a built-in attendance recording or tracking tool, several workaround approaches are available to faculty who wish to track student attendance.

Track Absences
The simplest approach to recording attendance in Blackboard may be to simply create a column in the Grade Center called "Absences" that is not added into the Grade Center Total. Use this column to record the number of absences that a student has. After missing more than the allowed number of absences, points could be manually deducted from the student's score by creating another column in the Grade Center ("Participation," for example) worth 0 points possible. You then need to modify the Total column and manually select each column to be included in the Total (including the "Participation" column). When you assign the points for Participation, the Total column will then reflect the student's total points in the course.

As the Blackboard Grade Center can be downloaded into Excel, faculty may wish to print a hard copy of just the list of student names, number of absences, and a column to record who is absent for a given class period.

Class Participation
Other faculty who don't want to manually record attendance separately, can routinely conduct a "what did you learn today" written exercise or short quiz whereby students not only earn points toward their score in the class but faculty can inherently see the participation level of students. Students who miss these exercises could be penalized accordingly.

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Last Updated: 04/25/2016