Search Tips


The search engine is case insensitive so the query "Grade Center" will return the same results as "grade center".

Phrase Search:

You can search for an exact phrase by enclosing it in quotation marks. The query, "Grade Center" will only return documents containing "Grade Center".

Boolean Searches:

The query, grade AND NOT center will return documents containing "grade" but not "center".
The query, grade AND center will return documents containing the words "grade" and "center".
The query, grade OR center will return documents containing "grade" and also documents containing "center".
The query, Assignments and ("grade center" OR "downloading attempts") will return documents containing Assignments and either "grade center" phrase or "downloading attempts" phrase.

Proximity Searches:

The query, academic NEAR policies will return documents containing the word "academic" NEAR the word "policies".

Advanced Searches:

The query @size > 1000 will return all documents with a size greater than 1KB.
The query #filename *.doc will return only word documents.
The query @write > 16/1/3 12:00:00 will return only documents modified since the 16th Jan 2003 at 12:00am.


'Noise' words:
These are common words such as: a, an, and, as and others. These words will be ignored by the search engine unless they are part of a Boolean (see below) search.

Punctuation marks:
Punctuation marks such as: ; (semicolon), : (colon), . (full stop/period), , (comma) and others are ignored by the search engine.

Special Characters:
To use specially treated characters such as &, |, ^, #, @, $, (, ), in a query, enclose your query in quotation marks (").  

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