Customizing Your Course Menu

Blackboard’s Course Menu provides users access to a course's content.  The menu items and the order in which they appear are fully customizable and can be arranged based upon the preferences and priorities of the faculty member.  Menu customization takes place within the Course Menu by clicking on the action links located along the sides and top of the Course Menu.

Note:  These features are only accessible when Edit Mode is ON.


Overview of Course Menu

menu menu2

  1. Add Menu Items – Faculty have the option to customize the Course Menu by clicking the "plus" icon (+), which opens up a list of resources that can be added to the Course Menu.
  2. Course Menu Action Bar – The icons located across the top of the Course Menu allow users to adjust the view of the menu.
  3. Action Links – Indicated by the round drop-down icon, action links allow users to access menu item options, expand or collapse menu items, or launch a selected menu item.
  4. Drag-and-Drop Reordering – The double-headed arrow will allow faculty to reorder menu items up or down. Click and hold the left mouse button to enable the reordering feature.
  5. Reorder Without Drag-and-Drop - The Course Menu also includes simple button controls for reordering items, which can be used instead of the drag-and-drop method. They can be found by clicking the up and down arrow icon above the Course Menu. From the panel that pops up, select the item you wish to move, then click on the small up or down arrow buttons to move the item to the desired place in the list. When done, click the Submit Button. 

Note:  Reordering menu items, access to menu item options, and the ability to add a menu items is limited to users with the role of Instructor, Teaching Assistant, Grader, or System Administrator.


Last updated: 7/9/2020