Grade Submission to MyNIU

Faculty who use the Blackboard Grade Center to calculate final grades are able to export final grades from Blackboard instead of manually entering grades in MyNIU, saving time and the reducing the opportunity for data entry errors. After submitting grades using this tool, faculty simply log into MyNIU to view the final grades and post for student viewing.

Note:  Faculty can submit grades until 11 AM on the date that MyNIU's window officially closes. That is, one hour before the official deadline.


  • Allows a one-time submission of final grades from Blackboard to MyNIU
  • Works with all types of Blackboard courses:
    • Individual Courses
    • Master Courses
    • Combined Courses
    • Compatible with all NIU PeopleSoft courses regardless of grading schema


  • An External Grade column must be set in the Grade Center prior to using the tool
  • Only Instructors of Record are allowed to submit grades
  • Faculty must log into MyNIU to confirm grades and to complete posting

Technical Details:

  • Submitted grades may take up to 15 minutes to appear in MyNIU
  • Submission will be successful if all of the following are met:
    • Valid/Current PeopleSoft Course
    • Valid Instructor of Record
    • Courses must have a grade roster in MyNIU
    • Grades should be blank inMyNIU. Blackboard grades will be ignored whenever grades are already present in MyNIU

Steps for use: 

  1. Customize the default letter schema in the Grade Center to match the grading scale for the course
  2. Assign the letter schema to the Total column and/or Weighted Total column
  3. Set the External Grade column in whichever Grade Center column contains the final grade
  4. Navigate to the Control Panel and select Grade Submission. On the following page, review students' letter grades, changing them as necessary. Confirm letter grades by clicking the Submit button
  5. Log into MyNIU to confirm grades one final time and complete posting

Note:  Steps 1 and 2 assume use of the Grade Center to tabulate a final score and if desired apply weighting to calculate a final grade for the course. Faculty choosing to manually make these calculations and/or simply post the letter grades in Blackboard can add a new column manually, enter final grades for each student, and then skip to step 3.

Print or review this Grade Submission Guide for step-by-step instructions to submit your grades to MyNIU.  

Last updated: 08/07/2018