Blackboard Usage at NIU

Academic Courses

Blackboard is used by nearly all NIU faculty and students for 79.2% of all course sections (Fall 2023). We have also analyzed how faculty are using Blackboard, and find that a majority of courses each semester make extensive use of the capabilities of the system. Blackboard integrates with other cutting-edge tools for teaching and learning including video applications, publisher platforms, student engagement systems, and exam proctoring. 

Other Uses

In addition to scheduled academic courses, Blackboard is used in a variety of ways to support the mission of the university:

  • Departmental communication to students by major/minor on events and program deadlines
  • Development and storage of course materials for upcoming and previous semesters
  • Student portfolios for program assessment and supporting job searches
  • Department and programmatic assessment across courses, including general education assessment
  • Storage and delivery of electronic reserves using a process custom-developed by the University Libraries and DoIT
  • Secure storage and sharing of files for graduate student application review

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