Faculty Satisfaction with Blackboard

We surveyed all NIU faculty and instructors in 2016 and 2019 to gauge satisfaction and comfort with Blackboard. In 2016, 83% of faculty strongly agreed or agreed that they were satisfied with Blackboard and 82% responded that they were confident using Blackboard (these questions were not repeated in 2019). From 2016 to 2019, other measures of confidence and satisfaction were relatively consistent or increased, including finding that Blackboard enhanced teaching effectiveness and helped students to be more successful.

2016 2019
I am generally satisfied with the quality of Blackboard 83% N/A
I feel confident using Blackboard features in general 82% N/A
I have a generally favorable attitude toward using Blackboard 80% 79%
Using Blackboard increases my efficiency when teaching 72% 75%
I find Blackboard to be easy to use 67% 68%
Using Blackboard enhances my teaching effectiveness 64% 69%
Blackboard helps students to be more successful in their courses 62% 65%

For more details on reported faculty use and satisfaction with Blackboard, see complete reports of past Blackboard usage surveys available below.

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