Departmental Seminar


All seminars, unless otherwise noted, start at 3:30 PM in Montgomery Hall, room 443

Date Speaker / Host Topic/Title
Sep. 19 Dr. Peter Guiden
Northern Illinois University

Seasonal Changes in Habitat Structure Shape Plant-Consumer Interactions
Sep. 26 Dr. Susan Bleasdale
University of Illinois
Host:  Babatunde Olawuni & Dr. Pallavi Singh
Microbiome Disruption and the Clinical impact, a Focus on Clostridiodes Difficile
Oct. 3 Dr. Aurelie Rakotondrafara
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Host:  Nipin Shrestha & Dr. Jozef Bujarski
Translation: A Potential Target of Plant Virus Resistance
Oct. 8 Dr. Erin Garza

Host:  Dr. Shengde Zhou
Title TBA
Oct. 17 Dr. Adam Dolezal
University of Illinois
Host:  Adam Nuccio & Dr. Wesley Swingley
Honey Bee Health from the molecular to the Landscape Scale
Oct. 24 Dr. John Vanek 
Northern Illinois University

Title TBA
Oct. 31 Catie Ausland and Laurie Spencer
Northern Illinois University 
Kentucky Fried Necrosis:  Comparative Genomic Analyses of Necrotic Enteritis-Causing Bacteria of Broiler Chickens, and TBA
Nov. 7 Dr. Adam Wilson
Rush University
Host:  Christina Cline & Dr. Heather Bergan-Roller
Using Meta-Analyses to Understand the Efficacy of Teaching Pedagogies 
Nov. 14 Dr. Kristin Duffield
Illinois State University
Host:  Ellie Taylor & Dr. Bethia King 
When Resistance is Futile:  Exploring the Terminal Investment Hypothesis in a Gift-Giving Cricket