Departmental Seminar


All seminars, unless otherwise noted, start at 3:30 PM in Montgomery Hall, room 443

Date Speaker / Host Topic/Title
Feb. 7 Julie Dangremond Stanton
Univeristy of Georgia
Host:  Heather Bergan-Roller
Metacognitive Regulation:  How Undergraduate Students Evaluate and Adjust their Approaches to Learning in Biology
Feb. 14 Catherine Miller-Hunt
Western Illinois University
Host:  Pallavi Singh
Bee Gut Microbiome in Rural and Urban Habitats
Feb. 21 Lars Brudvig
Michigan State University
Host:  Holly Jones
Interpreting Variation in Restored Prairie Plant Communities and Ecosystem Functioning
Feb. 28 Mark E. Hauber
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Host:  Bethia King
Recognition Systems of Brood Parasitic Birds and Their Hosts:  A Neuroethological Perspective
Mar. 7 Derek Fisher
Southern Illinois University
Host:  Pallavi Singh
Development in Chlamydia Trachomatis -an Inside Perspective
Mar. 21 Susan Lees-Miller
University of Calgary
Host:  Linda Yasui
Importance and Repair of DNA Double Strand Breaks
Graduate Colloquium Speaker
Mar. 22
  MO 442
Susan Lees-Miller
University of Calgary
Host:  Linda Yasui
DNA PKcs and ATM in Repair and Cancer Therapy
Graduate Colloquium Speaker
Apr. 4 Benjamin Zuckerberg
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Host:  John Vanek & Richard King
Disappearing Winter Refugia in a Warming World
Apr. 11 David Stanley
ARS/USDA Biological Control of Insects Research Laboratory, Columbia, MO
Host:  Jon Miller
Prostaglandin Signaling in Insect Immunology
Apr. 18
Departmental Honors Convocation