Band Camp Survival Tips

Band Camp Survival Tips:


  • Get in shape!  Run, cycle, swim, do something to improve your cardio-vascular fitness before you return for camp.  Marching band is very physical, and the better condition you are in, the more you will enjoy the week. 
  • Get in Shape!  This time, on your instrument!  Play a few scales, lip slurs, long tones, or whatever you need to do to be ready to play 8 hours a day. 
  • Invest in a water jug.  Spend five bucks or so on an insulated water cooler that you can use each day.  The band will provide water at each rehearsal, but it is easier and faster for each member to have his or her own. 
  • Plan for the sun.  Bring a hat with a wide brim, sunscreen, and some sort of athletic shoes.  DO NOT wear sandals or flip flops in rehearsal; they do not adequately protect your feet.  
  • Bring a flip folder with lots of extra pages.  Order on line, or visit your local music store, but stock up.  You can also order these via the yellow order form enclosed in the band camp mailing.

Bring the right equipment! 

  • Reed players should have at least three working reeds.  Better yet, buy a whole box and you will be set for the season. 
  • Brass players must have their own mouthpiece, even if you check out a school horn.  Contact your local music store, or get to know the music store that provides support for the Huskie Marching Band, Ellman’s Music Center.  Check them out online at or via phone at (800) 272-4600.  Barring instructions from a qualified private teacher, we recommend the following mouthpieces:

Trumpet: Bach 3C or 5C

Trombone or Euphonium: Bach 6 ½ AL

Horn:   Farkas MDC (medium deep cup)

Tuba:   Bach 24 AW

  • Make sure your instrument is in working order.  If you can’t remember the last time you had your pads, felts, corks and springs checked by a repair technician, do so before the start of band camp.  Ellman’s music can take care of repairs for you as well.  Remember that summer is the busy season for any music store, so plan ahead. 

Summer Uniform!  

  • Shoes!  Not flip flops or sandals, not even very durable sport sandals.  Please wear athletic shoes to each rehearsal for band camp. 
  • Bring your own pair of shorts, in some light shade of brown, tan, or khaki.  Capri pants for the ladies are fine as well.  We will have at least two performances during camp, which will be made much more pleasant by a comfortable summer uniform.