Task Force Membership

As of September 9, 2010

College of Business Elisa Fredericks*-- Marketing
College of Education Alan Clemens -- Leadership, Educational Psychology, & Foundations
Steve Wallace -- Educational Technology, Research and Assessment
College of Health & Human Sciences Greg Long* (Chair) -- Allied Health and Communicative Disorders
Mary Pritchard -- Health and Human Sciences
College of Liberal Arts & Sciences Anne Birberick -- Foreign Language and Literatures
Dave Changnon* -- Geography
David Gorman* -- English
Janice Hamlet -- Communication
Alicia Schatteman -- Public Administration
Jim Schmidt -- History
College of Visual & Performing Arts Sinclair Bell -- Art
Ed Klonoski -- Music
Jeff Kowalski* -- Art
& Support
Jes Cisneros* -- University Honors Program
Paul Crawford -- Community College Relations
Carolinda Douglass* (Vice Chair) -- Assessment Services
Samantha M. Fisher -- Division of Public Administration
Barbara Fouts* -- Career Services
Amy Franklin* -- Planning & Assessment, Student Affairs & Enrollment Management
Wendell Johnson -- Libraries
Murali Krishnamurthi* -- Faculty Development and Instructional Design Center
T.J. Lusher -- Libraries
Deb Pierce -- International Programs
Pamela Rosenberg -- International Programs
Earl "Gip" Seaver* (Co-Chair) -- Vice Provost
Donna Smith -- Catalog Editor

* Steering Committee Members