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  Worker Compensation Notes

Illinois Worker's Compensation System: Understanding It (Power Point)

Legal Aspects of Safety, Product Liability Overview (PowerPoint)

Legal Aspects of Safety - Worker's Compensation (Power Point)

Managing for Products Liability Avoidance (PowerPoint)

Product Liability Lecture Outline

Product Liability: A Review (Power Point)

Products Liability (Power Point)

Product Safety/Liability (Word)

Repetitive Trauma Claims in Illinois, Analysis of Cases in CTS & Other Bodily Injuries (Power Point)

Torts Law 101 (Power Point)



A Step-by-Step Guide to Setting Up a Payroll System

California Loss Could Be Arizona's Gain
by Jon Talton, Republic Columnist

Carpal Tunnel Claim, Synposis:

Cost of Workers Comp Payout Jumps for County
by Steve Patterson, Staff Report

How Can You Control Worker's Compensation Costs?

Handbook on Worker's Compensation and Occupational Diseases
Illinois Industrial Commission

Iraqis Can Collect U.S. Workers' Insurance
by the Associate Press, April 5, 2005

Jury Awards Popcorn Lung Victim $20 Million

Trial Court Decision
Illinois state Chamber of Commerce vs. State Officials

Trail Court Decision
Secretary of Labor vs. Erik K. Ho

U.S. Supreme Court Decision
Alex Geier, Et. Al vs. American Honda Motor Co.

What You Need to Know About Worker's Compensation Insurance

What's Really Driving Higher Worker's Compensation Costs?
by Jeffrey M. Kortes, Human Resources Consultatn, David M. Griffith & Associates, Ltd.

Who Should Pay? The Product Liability Debate

Workers' Compensation: Benefits, Coverage, and Costs, 2000 New Estimates.
June 2002, National Academy of Social Insurance

W.R. Grace Indicted for Asbestos Fraud and Obstruction of Justice

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