Meeting Information

2014-2015 Academic Year 

Fall Term

Information to be Added

Spring Term

  1. Monday 20150126 1700 hrs (5 pm)
    1. agenda
    2. minutes
    3. ASSE Student Membership Benefits
  2. Tuesday 20150210  1700 hrs  ASSE HQ representives.
    1. Ms. Lauren Thompson, ASSE HQ Student liaison
    2. Ms. Brenda Zylstra, Development Coordinator for the ASSE Foundation
  3. Monday 20150216  1700 hrs  -Resume review and critiques.
  4. ASSE Three Rivers Chapter members-talke about their current jobs and how they got there and skills they recommend students develop (tentatively  the week of Monday March 16)
  5. IL Worker's Compensation Discussion
  6. EHS Professional  Certifications  with representives from BCSP (CSP and ASP), ABIH (CIH), IHMM (CHMM) and The Institutes (ARM) (tenatively late March-early April)
  7. CPR-AED training  (a Saturday in March or April)
  8. LEED Guest Speaker (joint with LEED student group)  Wed. April 22, 1730 hrs.