Guidelines (revised August 2019)


The name of the organization shall be Administrative Professionals Advisory Council (APAC) of Northern Illinois University.

Mission Statement

The mission of APAC is to identify issues that affect administrative professional staff, actively seek solutions to those issues, and to effectively educate, inform and advocate for our stakeholders.


The council makes recommendations to Human Resource Services, university administration and Operating Staff Council (OSC) when applicable.


The council may be presented with information or work with issues that are confidential in nature. Members shall maintain the highest degree of integrity by not disclosing such information to others outside of the council.


Operating staff employees in the following classifications at any of NIU's campuses are represented by, and eligible to become council members of APAC: office support assistant, office support associate, office support specialist, office manager, office administrator, clerical assistant, clerk, chief clerk, staff clerk, administrative clerk, program administrative assistant, administrative aide, administrative assistant and executive assistant.

Council Members

APAC shall consist of up to twelve (12) selected Council members and one Human Resource Services representative, to act as council chair. In order to maintain a diverse representation of the administrative professional population, APAC encourages members to be from different offices and reserves the right to deny membership.

Terms of Council Commitment

Each council member shall commit to serving at least a one (1) year term with no maximum term length. Council members must attend a minimum of eight (8) regular meetings each year, and notify the chair, in advance, of any meeting absence. Council members are expected to:

  • Participate in APAC meetings, and record minutes once per year
  • Represent APAC at activities and events
  • Commit to a minimum of one APAC subcommittee:
    • Administration
    • Recognition and Appreciation
    • Mentoring Program

Council Chair

The Human Resource Services administration shall appoint one Human Resource Services representative to serve as APAC council chair. The chair is expected to:

  • Schedule and facilitate all APAC meetings.
  • Develop and distribute an agenda prior to every APAC meeting.
  • Maintain electronic files for APAC.
  • Keep an updated electronic list of stakeholders.
  • Represent APAC at various OSC meetings and sub-committee meetings.
  • Act as liaison to Human Resources, University Administration and OSC.

Council Vacancies

When a vacancy occurs on the council, all APAC stakeholders will be notified. Letters of interest should be emailed to and will be reviewed by the council. Eligible candidates will be invited to attend an introductory meeting. New council members shall be selected by a majority vote of council members present at the monthly meeting.

Council Meetings

Regular meetings of the APAC shall be held the second Wednesday of each month January - November from 3-4:30 p.m. at Human Resource Services, room 100. The chair may call special meetings, providing notification as far in advance as possible. Meetings shall be facilitated utilizing Roberts Rules of Order. A quorum of 51% of active council members must be present at a meeting for voting to take place.

Meeting Agendas

Items for the proposed agenda should be received by the APAC chair no later than five (5) business days prior to each meeting. Other agenda items may be presented at any regular meeting before approval of the agenda.

Guidelines for Public Comment

When an individual has an item that they would like to present at an APAC meeting, the topic must be relevant to administrative professional staff university wide. The council reserves the right to limit public commentary.

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