Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The NIU Annuitants Association is a chapter in the statewide State Universities Annuitants Association (SUAA). SUAA is the only statewide organization whose sole mission is to protect the benefits of SURS members and SURS retirees. Membership in the NIU Annuitants Association includes membership in SUAA.
Go to the "membership tab" at this web site and download the "Dues Deduction Form" or "Direct Payment" form. There are two "Dues Deduct" forms: one for annuitants/retirees and another for current employees – be sure to select the correct one for you. If you have questions about the forms or would like to have a form mailed to you, contact the NIUAA campus liaison, Lee Ann Henry, at 815–753-7406. You may return your completed form to Lee Ann, University Advancement, Altgeld 135, who will process your completed form for you. SURS will deduct your annual NIUAA/SUAA membership from your SURS benefit (annuitants) or NIU will deduct your annual NIUAA/SUAA membership from your pay check (current employees). Deductions are made on a semi-monthly or monthly basis depending on how you are paid.
Yes. However, a few benefits of NIUAA membership, such as a free NIU parking permit, are available for retirees only and not for their spouse, partner, or survivor.
Retirees receive free NIU parking permits and an NIU GroupWise computer account, as well as membership in the NIU Recreation Center. NIUAA members receive a quarterly newsletter and electronic legislative and other important alerts from NIUAA and from SUAA. NIUAA members are invited to regularly scheduled coffees, to a December Holiday Party, and to the Annual Meeting in early June, which includes a dinner hosted by the NIU President and his wife. A complete listing of benefits may be accessed from the "benefits tab" at this web site.