Annuitants Association Benefits

Annual Meeting

The annual meeting and election of officers and directors for the NIU Annuitants Association takes place each year in June.

The Annuitant Newsletter

Members of the NIU Annuitants Association receive the NIU Annuitant two to three times a year. This publication brings you news of actions taken in your behalf, current legislative news, items of special interest and news of retirees who live in the DeKalb-Sycamore area as well as those in other states. This mailing is funded by the Office of University Advancement.

Campus Events and Activities

Athletic Events: Fees are the same as for active faculty and staff members. Tickets are available at the ticket office in the Convocation office. Call 815-753-PACK(7225) or email at

Cultural Events: Concerts and theatre events, as well as open seminars and art exhibits, are publicized by individual departments. Check the NIU Calendar of Events. Some events are free, some have reduced admission for senior citizens, and some require the same fee as for active faculty and staff members.

Credit Union

Annuitants may continue participation in the Northern Illinois Federal Credit Union. Membership is open to others in your family, even if they are not connected with the university.

Employee Assistance Program

Counseling services are available to annuitants through the Employee Assistance Program (EAP). A wide range of concerns may be addressed including family relationships, depression, financial problems, substance abuse, adjusting to retirement, and cessation of smoking. In addition, the office sponsors a variety of support groups that deal with healthy lifestyles, cancer survival, loss of a loved one or other concerns. The EAP sponsors an annual Wellness Fair open to all NIU faculty, staff, students and retirees. For more information, call 815-753-9191.

Outlook Retiree Accounts

Learn more about Outlook Retiree Accounts.

Identification Cards

An identification card is issued at the time of retirement. This card is sometimes necessary to receive retiree services and privileges.

Insurance and Employee Benefits

The annuitant continues to participate in the state-paid health, dental and life insurance programs. Even if the annuitant is not eligible for Medicare, the state will continue health insurance coverage with the same benefits provided employees.

If an annuitant is eligible for free Part A of Medicare (hospital coverage), the state requires the individual to enroll. If eligible for Part A, the annuitant must enroll in Part B (medical coverage) or the individual will be required to pay all expenses coved under Part B. Dependent health, dental, and life coverage may be continued by deductions from the annuity check. The premium rate for dependents of annuitants with full Medicare coverage is significantly less than the non-Medicare rate.

The NIU Benefits Services, located in Human Resource Services, provides counseling on annuity options, health insurance, life insurance, tax-sheltered annuities and benefits for surviving spouses. The office also will assist annuitants with problem claims and with the filing of initial claims.


All NIU libraries and learning centers are open to retirees with identification cards. For information on library privileges please click here. You'll need your OneCard number.

NIU Annuitants Association Sponsored Activities

NIUAA has endeavored to offer numerous informational, cultural, recreational and social activities and events throughout the year. These include the organization’s annual meeting and dinner held in June, an annual holiday party held in late November or early December, coffee hours held both on and off campus, trips to nearby as well as distant events, etc. Specific information about future events appear in The Annuitant (NIUAA newsletter), are announced in e-mail sent to members, and may be accessed in Events

NIU Foundation

The NIU Foundation is a private not-for-profit organization. Its primary purpose is to solicit and administer all private funds that directly benefit and promote the mission and priorities of NIU. The Foundation works closely with faculty, staff, annuitants, students, alumni and friends to support and advance the welfare of Northern though events, programs and services. Two such activities including publishing the NIU Annuitant newsletter and supporting an annual dinner for member of the NIU Annuitants Association. For more information, call 815-753-0283.

Parking Permits (updated effective 7/1/2017)

Parking Services has a permit for NIU retirees at a rate of $10 (effective 7/1/17). It allows you to utilize any color parking lot, However it does not include the Visitor Lot ($5 fee). You must have a OneCard identification card in order to receive a parking permit. Your OneCard must say 'Retiree' or 'Professor Emeritus'. If your OneCard does not say that, you will need to obtain a new OneCard. OneCard Services may need to verify your retirement with Human Resource Services at the time you go to obtain a new card.

NIU OneCard Services is located in the Holmes Student Center, Room 7.


Northern Staff News is mailed free to annuitants upon request.

Faculty also are eligible for membership in the Faculty Club. Upon payment of reduced dues ($5), retirees receive notices of monthly meetings and social events.

Recreation Facilities

There are changes to the services for retirees at Recreation Services. Update coming soon!

Tuition Waivers

NIU retirees can take courses at NIU tuition-free, for credit or audit. Registration is done in the usual way and requires a retiree identification card. Registration and other fees must be paid by the person enrolling, and admission is always on a space-available basis. Contact Human Resource Services for details at 815-753-0456.

Under state law, all seniors with incomes a specified level may take courses at any state university or community college in Illinois tuition-free on a space-available basis or by paying registration fees as required.

Various non-credit activities are offered by the Division of Continuing Education. You can get on their mailing list. They can also develop and deliver courses at off-campus location if there is sufficient interest. For further information, call 815-753-0275.

University Support

The Office of the President, Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost, Human Resource Services and the Alumni Programs and Development Offices provide a variety of services and resources to the Annuitants Association.