Search Documentation and SharePoint Channel

Using the AAEOE SharePoint Channel

SharePoint functions similarly to the File Explorer on your computer. It also gives you the ability to share editable files and documents with others. When you edit a file, it saves automatically. This allows several people to make changes to a document at the same time. Learn more about using SharePoint.

Folder Organization

We created a set of folders for each division in the AAEOE SharePoint channel:

  • Division folders contain folders for colleges and departments.
  • College and department folders contain folders for faculty and staff searches.
  • Faculty, staff, student, extra help folders should contain job search folders organized by fiscal year (FY21, FY22, etc.)
  • Job search folders are named for the position title and number (example: Assistant Professor, Finance - 5757) and contain subfolders for required documents.

Departments can create additional subfolders in the job search folders and upload and download documents as needed.


Access to the SharePoint channel is determined by your position and level of involvement with the search.

Access to everything in their division's folder:

  • Deans
  • Division vice presidents
  • Administrative support or proxies who have oversight of search process for an entire division.

Access to everything in their college/department and faculty/staff folders:

  • Department heads/chairs
  • Directors
  • Administrative support or proxies who have oversight of search process for a specific college or department

Access to specific job search folders:

  • Applicant reviewers
  • Administrative support who have oversight of a specific position's search

Frequently Asked Questions

Do we have to create our own folders within the AAEOE SharePoint channel?

Each division has its own folder within the channel. Within each folder are subfolders that include each division's colleges and departments and their respective searches organized by fiscal year. Within each search subfolder, AAEOE created subfolders that correspond to the required documents. Departments can create additional subfolders within job search folders and upload and download data as needed.

Do any of the documents saved on the SharePoint channel need to be uploaded to the applicant tracking system (ATS)?

It is ideal for departments to upload these data into the ATS so it can be in the same location as the actual position posting. Additionally, if the OFCCP were to do an audit, all the information it would request would be in the ATS in one location. Department hiring managers should upload these documents (with the exception of the summary narrative) to the actual posting, underneath the section titled 'Affirmative Action Documents'.

It appears that we are being asked to upload similar information to both the AAEOE SharePoint channel and the ATS. Isn't this a duplicative process?

No, it isn't. Although it may appear that it would be doing double work to upload documents to both the AAEOE SharePoint channel and the ATS, the systems have clearly different purposes. The following helps explain the differences and clarifies why it's beneficial to use the AAEOE SharePoint channel:

  • The ATS is where final documentation gets uploaded and stored for permanent recordkeeping. The AAEOE SharePoint channel is a general file management system where departments are free to work as needed and store multiple versions of documentation.
  • AAEOE can assist departments with the development of advertisement announcements and job descriptions for positions in real time. Before positions get initiated in PeopleAdmin, working with AAEOE in this channel could save time in the process of getting positions posted.
  • AAEOE can assist departments with development and implementation of departmental affirmative action plans and good faith efforts in placement goals for recruitment and hiring.
  • The AAEOE SharePoint channel provides a unified place to store all recruitment and selection data for all departments, instead of having departments rely on saving data in personal OneDrives, flash/hard drives, or desktops. These methods can lead to loss of important departmental data. The AAEOE SharePoint channel keeps all data in a safe place where departments can always access it even if employees depart.
  • People with access to their department folders in the AAEOE SharePoint channel will have the ability to edit items within them. As such, there may be multiple versions of items that we would require to be uploaded in ATS. Because of this highly probable scenario, it's important that the finalized version of a mandatory document be uploaded to the ATS so it can serve as the department's permanent record for a particular search.
  • Certain individuals such as deans and department heads will have higher permissions than others, which means they'll have access to the entire division or college main folder. Those individuals will be able to find all their area's recruitment and hiring data in one place, instead of having to rely on themselves or their designees to navigate through numerous positions in PeopleAdmin to locate search data.
If someone who has access to a department's AAEOE SharePoint channel leaves the department or university, what should be done to terminate their access?

AAEOE is responsible for monitoring the AAEOE SharePoint channel and terminating the access of individuals who no longer should have access. However, the exiting employee's department must notify AAEOE that the employee's access should be removed. This process should be an important part of the department's exit interview process and should be done immediately. In addition, Human Resource Services will send a monthly report of exiting employees to AAEOE for review. AAEOE will verify if any exiting employees still have unnecessary access.

What subfolders should a job search folder on the AAEOE SharePoint channel contain?

A job search folder should contain the following subfolders:

  • Advertisement announcement
  • Advertisement screenshots
  • Evaluative criteria
  • Good faith efforts/diversity plan info
  • Phone/screening interview questions
  • Finalist/campus interview questions
  • Finalist itineraries
  • Reference check questions
  • Summary narrative
  • Other
What employment types/classifications should have their own folders?

Folders for positions are dependent on the department. For instance, academic departments may have folders for faculty, staff, students and extra help positions, whereas some administrative departments may have folders strictly for staff positions.

Departments that hire instructors should use the "faculty" folder. Departments that hire temporary positions, including adjunct instructors, should use the "extra help" folder.

We highly encourage you to save all relevant hiring and recruitment data and documentation within the appropriate folders within the AAEOE SharePoint channel according to the employment/classification of the position.

If I have questions about hiring and recruitment (search) documentation and the AAEOE SharePoint channel, who can I ask?

All questions regarding hiring and recruitment and the AAEOE SharePoint channel should be directed to or Alan Clay at