Resources and Guidelines

The following resources and guidelines will help you recruit candidates and complete the search process.

Department Employment Advertising

While we are hopeful that the media vendors that we are contracting with will be your primary external advertising options when it comes to paid electronic sources, we do understand that some of you and your departments may still desire to post to external discipline or industry sources that you would be willing to pay for. For those postings, there are a couple of options for you to consider:

  • (Preferred option) For departments that have a P-card, please pay and post directly to the external sources listed in your position request/applicant tracking system posting using the advertisement announcement that was approved by AAEOE. Doing this will alleviate the chargeback method we currently use when the AAEOE office transfers the cost back to your department. We prefer departments do this because it will allow you to have more control and understanding of your budget and expenses upfront.
  • (Secondary option) AAEOE will work with our long-time ad vendor, George Perry and Associates, to post to the external sources listed in your position request/applicant tracking system posting. AAEOE will then perform the chargeback transfer of cost to your department at a later date. We do not prefer this option because it can take up to a month or longer for our office to be able to transfer those costs to you, which may hamper your ability to stay on top of your budget and expenses.

With both options, it is important to remember that all costs and screenshots/links of the advertisements need to be maintained and uploaded directly to your department’s respective AAEOE SharePoint folder, immediately upon completion of posting.  This is extremely important as the AAEOE office is responsible for keeping track of all recruitment efforts for affirmative action compliance.