Mandated Training

We provide the following required training to employees and students. If you have any questions about mandated training, please contact

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Sexual Misconduct Awareness and Prevention

New Students: Online Training

New students, both first-year and transfer, are required to participate in sexual misconduct awareness and prevention training. The training educates students about common concerns and NIU policies regarding prohibited behavior. The training takes place at the beginning of the semester.

New Employees: Online Nondiscrimination/Title IX Sexual Misconduct Training

All new employees must complete online training focused on nondiscrimination and sexual misconduct within 30 days of hire. The training focuses on nondiscrimination, sexual misconduct and NIU's Title IX policy.

All Employees (Annually): Online Nondiscrimination/Sexual Misconduct Training

All NIU employees are required to complete annual training on sexual harassment and nondiscrimination. The online training takes place in the spring.

Equal Opportunity

Achieving Excellence in Recruiting: Reducing Implicit Bias in Search Committees

Members of search committees for faculty and supportive professional staff positions must complete implicit bias training. This training provides guidance to search committee members and reveals how implicit bias can negatively affect the search process.