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The Academic Advising Center views the parent and family role as a significant factor in their student’s success at NIU. We believe the advisor, student and parent/family are working together to create an Advising Partnership that will promote student success. The chart below outlines how parents and families can assist in their students’ adjustment and success at NIU.

Academic Advisor Student Parents & Families
Monitor student progress and guide the student toward academic success. Responsible for learning and understanding. Be available to support and encourage.
Help the student understand his or her responsibilities toward academic success. Monitor his or her own academic progress. Maintain regular contact.
Act as a liaison between the institution and the student. Know the degree requirements of the college and major of interest. Offer advice (as needed and when appropriate).
Act as an advocate for the student. Communicate with the advisor regarding issues and/or concerns about academics or student life. Encourage students to do things they can do for themselves.
Refer the student to appropriate institutional resources. Attend classes. Allow students to make mistakes in this safe environment.
Manage time for class preparation.
Become familiar with university resources.
Understand and adhere to university policies.

Learn more about resources for parents and families at NIU, stay connected to your son, daughter, or family member through Family Connections and support our Attendance Matters initiative by checking in with your child to make sure they are going to class.

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