Additional Admissions Review Options

If you demonstrate strong motivation and potential for success in college but do not meet one or more of our admission criteria, you may be considered for admission to NIU through the CHANCE Program or through Additional Review.

Deacon Davis CHANCE Program

Beyond the ACT and high school transcripts, CHANCE looks for characteristics such as special talents, significant activities and accomplishments, leadership potential, personal commitment, and goal orientation.

You may be eligible for admission consideration through CHANCE if you:

  • Attend a target high school.
  • Are a first generation college student.
  • Receive a free or reduced lunch.
  • Participate in certain academic preparatory programs (i.e. TRIO, Upward Bound…).
  • Are a ward of the state.
  • Are a veteran of the U.S. armed forces.

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Additional Review

If you do not meet admission criteria and are not eligible for the CHANCE program, there may be additional opportunities to be considered for admission to NIU.

Please contact us at the Office of Admissions for more information at

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