Yadira Verastegui

Yadira, an Elgin resident, knew NIU would be a good employer — she was already a Huskie. After exploring her major, she graduated with a degree in business administration and a general minor in family and consumer science.

"This is my alma mater, so knowing what NIU has to offer for their students and our values made me confident that working for here was the right choice for me," she says. "What I like about being an admissions counselor is the interaction with prospective students."

Yadira took some summer courses at a local community college in addition to attending NIU. She thinks it's important for students to plan a lot of campus visits and be open-minded.

"Choosing the right college that meets your needs is important, so it's best to do the search," she says. "You might end up loving a school you didn't think was a going to be a good fit for you."

As for NIU, Yadira says there's a lot to love about the campus and community.

"I have many things I like about NIU, from the variety of majors and minors one has the opportunity to choose from, to our athletics," she says. "The best thing within the DeKalb area is the different varieties of food available."

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