Bettie Mattison-Farris

Bettie has a master's in higher education, and she took an exploratory route getting there, with undergraduate majors in psychology and athletic training — and eventually a bachelor's degree in criminology and law studies with a minor in sociology.

"Sometimes I wish that I went into college as an undecided major, especially as a first-generation student," they say. "I think that it would have made my academic journey easier."

Formerly from Milwaukee, Wis., they now live in Chicago and thinks it's critical for students to visit and do their research on a campus.

"My favorite piece of advice to give to someone just starting their college journey is to ask questions," she says. "Ask everything that you have ever wanted to know about a school. There's a lot of information to take in, but what matters is that you are committing to a school that is truly the best place for you."

Bettie is still always exploring their interests — today, that means learning the guitar. They want potential Huskies to know that college is all about figuring out your own personal path.

"The most important thing that I would tell a prospective student is that it is completely okay to be undecided," she says. "There's lots of really cool areas to study at NIU and so much support for undecided students. It's also really normal to change your mind after you do decide. A lot of people do!"

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