World Languages and Cultures

Why Study a World Languages at NIU?

Our department offers undergraduate studies in French, German and Spanish, and minors in the areas listed below. Many of our students combine their language major with either a minor or with Teacher Licensure.  An accelerated law degree is available to French, German and Spanish majors who meet specific requirements set by the NIU College of Law. 

Courses are available for the following languages:

Careers with a World Languages Degree

Our program prepares you for employment in a variety of careers. Our alumni are working all over the world in education, banking, tourism and various service industries. Language proficiency has given them an edge over other applicants in this increasingly global market.

World Languages Faculty

Our world languages faculty cover many languages and have vast experiences around the world. Our mission is to help you not only become proficient in a world language, but to think critically about the world and immerse you in new cultures.

Hands-on Learning Opportunities

Our departmental faculty will work closely with you, not only in teaching but also in research through programs such Student Engagement Fund or the Undergraduate Special Opportunities in Artistry and Research Program.

Our Foreign Language Residence Program (FLRP) was inaugurated in 1972, and it is the oldest academic residential program at NIU. FLRP is an engaged Living-Learning Community (LLC) that provides you with a venue and opportunity to practice a world language in an immersion environment.

The Foreign Language Resource Center uses industry-standard translation software to teach students how to translate. NIU is one of only a handful of universities in North America that offers Trados Studio software to students and faculty. In addition to regular office hours, instructors and professors come to the Center an hour a week to provide tutoring in German, French and Spanish. 

The Center can also accommodate students working on research projects – books and periodicals in a variety of languages and can be checked out and videos and movies can be viewed at individual viewing stations and a small theater. A conference room, equipped with Skype, is available.

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