Promotion and Tenure

Application Process

Submit one original cover sheet and application (single-sided and unstapled) to the Office of the Provost (see Bylaw 6.341). Each application should contain the following documents and the relevant information, forms, checklists, and templates are provided on the right column of this webpage under Forms and Documents:
  • The completed cover sheet (provided as a fillable PDF form) must be on top of each application. Use the checklist provided as  fillable form to make sure the cover sheet fields are correctly filled but the cover sheet checklist need not be submitted with the application to the Office of the Provost. Any relevant departmental or divisional correspondence should be attached at the end of the application. Applications should be assembled and submitted in the following order: 
    1. Cover Sheet
    2. Part I (information to be supplied by the candidate)
    3. Part II (information to be supplied by the department chair in consultation with the personnel committee).
    Note: In the event of an early promotion/tenure and/or a disagreement in the recommendations, the department/school chair should write a letter explaining the circumstances and the letter should be placed in front of the cover sheet.
  • The completed vote record sheet (provided as a fillable form) must be submitted for each applicant but should not be attached to the application. Use the checklist provided to make sure the vote record sheet fields are correctly filled but the vote record sheet check list need not be submitted with the application to the Office of the Provost. Original signatures indicating a vote count from the department personnel committee and the college council are required along with chair's and dean's recommendations and their original signatures. Note: This vote record is confidential and is for the Office of the Provost. The vote record information is not routinely shared with the UCPC.  Please submit the vote record sheets separately from the applications for tenure and promotion. 
  • A cover letter from the dean listing all recommendations, all denials, any early promotions/tenures and the dean’s comments should be included and placed separately on top of the set of applications. (Be sure to indicate if an application is considered early on the cover sheet and vote record sheet.)
  • Denials must be accompanied by a letter from the dean stating the reasons for denial and providing assurances that the faculty member has been advised of his or her right to appeal and that all appropriate appeal procedures or review procedures have been followed. 

Additional Notes

  • Refereed and juried works must be identified as "Refereed" or "Juried" in application Part I document.
  • All formal appeal materials must have pages sequentially numbered and tenure applications under appeal should also include progress toward tenure letters.
Please send application materials to the Office of the Provost, Altgeld Hall 215. If you have questionsabout this information not clarified at the department/college levels, please contact