Academic Policies and Procedures Manual Distribution

General Guidelines

The Academic Policies and Procedures Manual (APPM) is maintained by the Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost in the Division of Academic Affairs. Copies may be freely made. The Manual is no longer distributed in printed form, as it is available online. From time to time a list of additions and modifications to the APPM is distributed to the following list of university offices. Requests for changes in this distribution list may be made to the Executive Vice President and Provost or to the chair of the Academic Policies and Procedures Manual Advisory Committee. The current distribution is as follows:

Offices Within the Division of Academic Affairs: Each department chair; each of selected directors; each selected officer within a dean's office; each other person specified by the Provost.

Offices Outside the Division of Academic Affairs: Each vice president's office; each of other selected offices. Other: Members of the Academic Policies and Procedures Manual Advisory Committee.

The Distribution List

Provost's Office (8):
Executive Vice President and Provost
Vice Provost for Undergraduate Academic Affairs
Vice Provost for Academic Planning and Development
Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs
Vice Provost for Resource Planning
Vice President for Research and Innovation Partnerships
Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management
Catalog Editor/Curriculum Coordinator

Deans' Offices (26):
College of Business (4): Dean; Associate Deans [3]
College of Education (4): Dean; Associate Deans [2]; Director of External Programs
College of Engineering and Engineering Technology (2): Dean; Associate Dean
College of Health and Human Sciences (3): Dean; Associate Dean; Director, Advising
College of Law (3): Dean; Associate Dean; Director of Budget and Records
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (5): Dean; Associate Deans [3]; Office of External Programming
College of Visual and Performing Arts (2): Dean; Associate Dean
Division of International Affairs (1): Vice President
Graduate School (1): Dean
University Libraries (1): Dean

Department Chairs (41):
Chair, Department of Accountancy
Chair, Department of Anthropology
Chair, Department of Biological Sciences
Chair, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Chair, Department of Communication
Chair, Department of Computer Science
Chair, Department of Counseling, Adult and Health Education
Chair, Department of Economics
Chair, Department of Educational Technology, Research and Assessment
Chair, Department of Electrical Engineering
Chair, Department of English
Chair, Department of Finance
Chair, Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures
Chair, Department of Geography
Chair, Department of Geology and Environmental Geosciences
Chair, Department of History
Chair, Department of Industrial Engineering
Chair, Department of Kinesiology and Physical Education
Chair, Department of Leadership, Educational Psychology and Foundations
Chair, Department of Literacy and Elementary Education
Chair, Department of Management
Chair, Department of Marketing
Chair, Department of Mathematical Sciences
Chair, Department of Mechanical Engineering
Chair, Department of Military Science 
Chair, Department of Operations Management and Information Systems
Chair, Department of Philosophy 
Chair, Department of Physics
Chair, Department of Political Science
Chair, Department of Public Administration
Chair, Department of Psychology
Chair, Department of Sociology
Chair, Department of Special and Early Education
Chair, Department of Technology
Chair, School of Allied Health and Communicative Disorders
Chair, School of Family, Consumer and Nutrition Sciences
Chair, School of Health Studies
Chair, School of Nursing
Director, School of Art and Design
Director, School of Music 
Director, School of Theatre and Dance

Selected Academic Directors (27):
Director, Access to Courses and Careers through Educational Support Services (ACCESS)
Director, Career Services
Director, Center for Biochemical and Biophysical Studies
Director, Center for Black Studies
Director, Center for Burma Studies
Director, Center for Governmental Studies
Director, Center for Latino and Latin American Studies
Director, Center for Southeast Asian Studies
Director, Counseling Help and Assistance Necessary for a College Education (CHANCE)
Director, Division of Statistics
Director, Faculty Development and Instructional Design
Director, Gender and Sexuality Resource Center
Director, Gerontology Program
Director, International Student and Faculty Office
Director, International Training and Development Office
Director, Latino Resource Center
Director, Lorado Taft Field Campus
Director, Office of Research and Evaluation in Adult Continuing Education
Director, Office of Sponsored Projects Administration
Director, Student Involvement and Leadership Development
Director, Technology Commercialization Office
Director, Testing Services
Director, Upward Bound
Director, University Honors Program 
Director, University Press
Director, Women's Studies Program 
Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management

Other Administrators (11):
Administration and Finance, Vice President
Affirmative Action and Equity Compliance, Director
General Counsel, Vice President and General Counsel
Human Resources Services, Senior Associate Vice President
Institutional Research, Director
Intercollegiate Athletics, Associate Vice President and Director
Internal Audit, Director
Marketing and Communication, Vice President
Outreach, Engagement, and Regional Development, Vice President
University Advancement, Vice President

Others (14):
Executive Secretary of the University Council/President of Faculty Senate
Faculty and SPS Personnel Adviser
Graduate Assistantship Employment, Human Resource Services
Head, Reference Department, University Libraries
President of Supportive Professional Staff Council
Reserve Room, University Libraries
University Archives
Northern Star
Academic Policies and Procedures Manual Advisory Committee (5)

Total of 127

Approved by Vice President and Provost, January 3, 1994
Distribution list modified, July 14, 1994, October 1, 1998
Modified, July 9, 2002; Editorial change, September 16, 2003, February 6, 2004, July 13, 2010, October 26, 2016