Request for Approval of a Subdivision of a Major

[undergraduate emphasis or minor or graduate specialization or concentration]

Section III. Appendix F.

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Comparison of Emphases or Specializations Form (for majors that have subdivisions) in Word

Comparison of an Emphasis or Specialization to a Major Form (for a major that has no emphases or specializations) in Word

Responsible Department or Administrative Unit:

  1. Name of Degree Program:
  2. Proposed Title of Subdivision:
  3. CIP Classification (if applicable):
  4. Date of Implementation:
  5. Description of Proposed Program:
  6. Rationale for Proposal:
  7. Expected Impact of Proposal on Existing Campus Programs:
  8. Expected Curricular Changes Including New Courses:
  9. Anticipated Staffing Arrangements:
  10. Associated Funding Needs and Source of Funds:
  11. If the subdivision is an emphasis or specialization, the IBHE expects that it will have a core of courses in common with existing subdivisions with the major. Complete the correct attached chart depending on if the major has existing subdivisions or if this will be the first subdivision of the existing major.

Approved by Provost's Office, April 18, 1997