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General Education Credit

Section III. Appendix D.

Submission of Course for General Education Credit (PDF version)

Resubmission of Course for General Education Credit (PDF version)

Checklist for New Course Proposals

Operating Procedures for Curricular Items

APPENDIX A Tools/Methods to Evaluate General Education Objectives and Frequency of Use
APPENDIX B Multicultural Dimensions of NIU Courses (Question 4)
APPENDIX C Resources for Faculty: Self-Evaluation of General Education
APPENDIX D Sample Student Evaluations of Course General Education Goals
APPENDIX E Syllabus Template
APPENDIX F Sample Advising Documents for Students
APPENDIX G Felder and Kolb on Learning Styles
APPENDIX H Gardner's Eight Intelligences
APPENDIX I Bloom's Taxonomy
APPENDIX J Teaching Models
APPENDIX K Calendar for Changes in the Graduate Curriculum
APPENDIX L Defining Academic Terms in Which Courses are Recorded

Approved by Undergraduate Coordinating Council April 18, 1996 
Amended by General Education Committee September 5, 1996 
Revised by General Education Committee, March 28, 2002 
Approved by Undergraduate Coordinating Council, April 4, 2002