Checklist for New Course Proposals

Section III. Appendix A.

  • Justification of need for the course has been provided
  • Availability of adequate resources has been determined
  • Availability of instructional personnel has been established
  • Appropriate prerequisites have been assigned
  • As appropriate, other departments have been conferred with regarding cooperation, complementation, and duplication for:
    • course title/content (list departments)
    • prerequisites (list departments)
    • crosslisting (list departments)
  • Supporting materials (list of topics, texts, bibliography, etc.) have been included
  • Assessment plan as appropriate

Approved by Graduate Council, March 2, 1992
Approved by Undergraduate Coordinating Committee, April 30, 1992
Revised by Undergraduate Coordinating Council, May 1, 2014
Revised by the Graduate Council, December 1, 2014
Last Updated: August, 14, 2007