Scheduling and Advertising of Graduate Courses

Section III. Item 12.

Responsibility for the university's curriculum is vested in its faculty. If an NIU course is to be scheduled for graduate credit by a unit other than the academic department in which that course resides, prior written approval must be obtained from the department (or the pertinent college, for an interdisciplinary course) for both the proposed course offering and the proposed instructor. In addition, the instructor must be approved to teach the course for graduate credit in accordance with Graduate School policies. If the course is a permit course in the home department/college, each student wishing to enroll must be granted permission by that department/college.

Availability of the course for graduate credit cannot be advertised before all necessary approvals are obtained and the proposed schedule has been accepted by the Office of Registration and Records. All brochures, flyers, or other publicity for credit course offerings are to be submitted to Creative Services, Graphic Design and Production for review of accuracy of information (e.g., admission, registration, and fees).

Approved by Graduate Council, May 4, 1992