Payout of Benefits and Reemployment

Section II. Item 12.

Pursuant to Public Act 87-384, as amended, a state employee may not return to employment in any capacity with the same budget agency or department within 60 days of the termination of her/his previous state employment. For purposes of definition, NIU shall be considered as an independent state agency consistent with state appropriation guidelines wherein NIU receives a separate and distinct state appropriation.  There is no waiting period if you return to employment with an employer who is not covered by SURS.

Any employee who has terminated employment in any capacity with NIU will be forbidden from obtaining reemployment at NIU within 60 days of termination unless the employee, as a condition of reemployment, repays any sums received from NIU for purposes of benefit payouts in conjunction with the previous termination (in accordance with Public Act 87-384, as amended).

Approved by Executive Cabinet, August 16, 1995