Summer Writing and Research Program

Monday through Friday
June 17-August 9, 2024

We know that completing your thesis, dissertation or research is important to you. We also know that it can be an isolating and overwhelming process. Our 2024 Summer Writing and Research Program will help you reach your goals. Using video and chat features, we'll support your research and writing by providing:

  • 30-minute daily presentations on writing, research and aspects of graduate school.
  • More than five hours of writing/research time each day.
  • Guidance and motivation from writing coaches who care about your success.
  • Opportunities to interact with peers on the same research journey.

Registration opens in spring 2024.

Needed Materials

  • Internet access.
  • Microsoft Teams (we'll send you a link when you register).
  • Laptop, tablet, cell phone or other device.
  • Materials to work on during study and feedback sessions.


Sessions are offered on Monday through Friday from June 17 to Aug. 9, 2024. You can attend any or all activities. However, a consistent level of participation is required. Failure to participate in at least three activities each week will result in removal from the program unless arranged in advance with organizers. For example, if you attend three of the brownbag presentations in a week, you meet the participation requirements.

Daily Schedule*

Time Activity
8 a.m. Starting Strong workgroup
10 a.m. Morning meeting
10:30 a.m. Individual worktime
12:30 p.m. Brownbag presentation
1 p.m. Individual worktime

*On Fridays, only the Starting Strong workgroup will occur.

Presentation Topics

Week Topic
  • Monday, June 17: Time Management and Goal-setting
  • Tuesday, June 18: Basics of a Thesis/Dissertation
  • Wednesday, June 1: University closure
  • Monday, June 24: Appointments with the UWC
  • Tuesday, June 25: Using Databases Effectively
  • Wednesday, June 26: Introductions and Conclusions
  • Thursday, June 27: Understanding the Thesis/Dissertation Process
  • Monday, July 1: Navigating the Internet
  • Tuesday, July 2: Accessing Library Resources
  • Wednesday, July 3: AI Chatbots like Chat GPT
  • Thursday, July 4: University closure
  • Monday, July 8: Reference Management Systems I
  • Tuesday, July 9: Literature Reviews: What They Are
  • Wednesday, July 10: Literature Reviews: Tricks for Writing One
  • Thursday, July 11: Candidacy Exams
  • Monday, July 15: Reference Management Systems II
  • Tuesday, July 16: IRB Process
  • Wednesday, July 17: Methodology
  • Thursday, July 18: Proposing Your Project
  • Monday, July 22: Relaxation Strategies
  • Tuesday, July 23: Organizing/Analyzing Data
  • Wednesday, July 24: Power of a Paragraph
  • Thursday, July 25: Strategies for Making Progress
  • Monday, July 29: Plagiarism
  • Tuesday, August July 30: Writing About Data/Results
  • Wednesday, July 31: Documentation (APA)
  • Thursday, August 1: Working with a Committee
  • Monday, August 5: Balancing Work and Life
  • Tuesday, August 6: Writing Conclusion, Implications, etc.
  • Wednesday, August 7: Common Grammar Issues
  • Thursday, August 8: Defense

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