Copy Machines

The NIU copy machines require the use of Huskie Bucks and do not take cash. To use the numerous copy machines, open a Huskie Bucks account or purchase a Huskie Bucks Visitor Card. Find more information for either option below:

OneCard ID

Only students, faculty, staff, retirees, and campus ministers are eligible to obtain a OneCard ID. In order to use Huskie Bucks for copy machines, you must already have opened a Huskie Bucks account and deposited funds to it. If you have not already done so, open an account and review the deposit options before proceeding any further.

OneCard ID

Huskie Bucks Visitor Card

If you are not eligible for a OneCard ID, you have the option to purchase a Huskie Bucks Visitor Card from our office. The cost of the card is $1.00, and it is specifically designed for use anywhere Huskie Bucks are accepted.

HB Visitor Card

  • Account: A Huskie Bucks account is pre-loaded on each Huskie Bucks Visitor Card.
  • Deposit: Once the card is purchased, you may deposit funds at the OneCard ID Office.

Note: Problems with the copy machines must be handled by DoIT Customer Support Services at 815-753-9173. The OneCard ID Office is unable to help customers with these issues.

Additional information (copy locations, color copies, and troubleshooting) related to the NIU copy machines is located on Division of Information Technology website.