Report Lost/Stolen OneCard ID

If your NIU OneCard ID is lost or stolen, it should be suspended immediately to prevent any possible misuse. A OneCard ID may be suspended by the following methods:

  • Online: Suspend your OneCard ID on Blackboard. 
  • Call: Call the OneCard ID Services Office at 815-753-9569 during regular business hours and we will suspend your card.
  • Contact the NIU Police: Call NIU Police at 815-753-1212 during OneCard ID Services non-business hours.

To re-instate a suspended OneCard ID, you must bring it in to the OneCard ID Services Office, or you may do so online. A OneCard ID cannot be reactivated over the phone for security purposes. There is no charge to reinstate a recovered OneCard ID, but there is a $20 charge to replace a lost/stolen card.

More Information

Students living in the Residence Halls use his/her OneCard ID for Meal Plans as well as for door access. If you lose your OneCard ID, there are two temporary cards available from Housing & Residential Services to function in your OneCard's absence.
  • Meal Plan Temporary Cards are issued at the Residence Hall Dining offices so students can access their meal plan or Huskie Bucks short-term. When assigned, this temporary card suspends your lost OneCard ID so that it cannot be misused. There is not a fee to use the Meal Plan temporary card, but it must be returned before a recovered OneCard ID can be re-instated or a new one is purchased.
    • There is a $20 fee if this temporary card is not returned to the Residence Hall Dining office or OneCard ID Services.
  • Door Access Temporary Cards are issued at the front desk of your Residence Hall in order to access your room, elevators, or the exterior of your building after-hours. Please refer to Housing & Residential Services for cost and usage details.
If you are not living in one of the NIU Residence Halls, I am afraid you are unable to get a temporary card. However, OneCard ID Services regularly has IDs returned to our office. Be sure to check your Z-ID email account regularly as we send a message if a OneCard ID is returned to our office.

We can also check over the phone or in person if you stop by during office hours. So don't hesitate to Contact us.