Errors: Your OneCard ID Won't Work

Four-step process to determine how to get your card working

  1. Check the physical condition of your card. If it has been bent, any piece of the magnetic stripe on the back is missing, or the card is badly worn, you may need to get a replacement from our office, the NIU OneCard ID Services Office. If you bring in your old card, the replacement fee is $10. If your OneCard ID is still in good shape, go on to Step 2.
  2. Make sure that you have your correct, active card. If you lost your OneCard ID at a previous time, bought a new one and then lost it also, your old OneCard ID will not work. The old card was deactivated for your own security when you received your new card. There is no way for us to reactivate an old card that has been replaced. If you happen to find your old card and it does not work, follow one of these two solutions:
    • Find your new card, and once you know for sure which card is your correct card, destroy the old, inactive card. You are welcome to bring the cards to our office and we will verify for you which is the correct card, and then we can destroy your old OneCard in our card shredder.
    • Come to our office and get a replacement for your new, lost card. The replacement fee is $20 payable by cash or check, and students can pay by charging the replacement fee to their bursar account.
    If you know you have your correct OneCard ID, continue to Step 3.
  3. If you are a student, have you enrolled for the current semester? You will need to register via the MyNIU system. If you have registered for classes, go on to Step 4.
  4. Check the location where your OneCard ID does not work.