Replace your Faculty/Staff OneCard ID

Sample OneCard
The NIU campus has undergone security updates that include the installation of exterior door readers on a number of buildings, secure rooms, and shared lock-boxes. These readers do not work with a physical key, they instead are controlled by the wave of your OneCard ID. However, old-styled OneCard IDs do not have this capability and you will need to swap out your card for a new one.

The new OneCard ID with capability to open these door locks looks very similar, but there are small details that determine if you have the correct card. If your card does not follow the same template as the ID pictured here, you may have a need to swap it out for a new one.

Getting Your OneCard ID

Employees can get new OneCard IDs by stopping by the OneCard ID office or submitting a photo online. There is a fee to update due to the cost of the card stock. As long as an employee brings in his/her current OneCard ID, the cost to replace will be $10.00 regardless if the card is broken, damaged, or just an upgrade to the current card type. If an employee has lost his/her current OneCard ID, the fee for replacement is $20.00. Payment options for employees are limited to Cash or Check.

We are aware that many employees may be required to have this new style card for his/her job duties. If you wish to speak with your supervisor and the department agrees to cover the cost of this card, the Adobe Icon Department Card Replacement form (pdf) will need to be completed and returned to OneCard ID Services.

In the OneCard ID Office

  1. Bring in your old card and driver's license or state ID 
  2. Turn in your old OneCard ID and take a photo 
  3. Pay replacement card fee. Cash or Check payments available
  4. Leave with your brand new OneCard ID that will work with the new door readers! 

Submit Your Photo Online

Looking for an alternative to having your photo taken at the OneCard ID Services office? You may submit your photo online, providing convenience, a streamlined process, and the choice to use a professional photo. As your request is completed, you will be notified when your photo has been processed, and directions to bring in your old OneCard ID and a driver's license or state ID. You will also be required to pay the replacement fee by Cash or Check, so be sure to bring payment with you. Once you stop by, you will leave with your brand new OneCard ID that will work with the new door readers!

Photo Requirements

  Provide a clear, recent photo of yourself
  No more than 6 months old
  At least 350 pixels by 350 pixels in size
  Show your entire head and face the camera directly
  Look directly at the camera; don't angle or tilt your head or shoulders at all
  Include space around your head so we can resize your photo
  Photo is to be used for identification
This is for identification, not social media

  Eyes must be visible, not covered


  Don't cover any part of your head


  No side view or glamour angles


  Photo of you, and ONLY you


  Your entire head must be in the photo

Partial Head

  Smile, Don't use trendy or funny faces

Facial Expressions

  Plain and light-colored background

Scenic Background

  Photo must be in color; Don't add filters

Black & White

  Don't have your hands or arms visible


  Must be a high quality photo


  No Copyrighted or Watermarked photos


  Don't have text or emoticons visible


Accessing the OneCard ID Request Form

  • Access the OneCard ID Request Form
  • Log in with your employee ID and password
  • Follow directions to complete form information, then confirm
  • Continue to upload your photo
    • You will be able to track the status of your request following your submission.
    • Should you receive a rejection of your photo, you will be notified via your NIU employee email account within two business days.

Contact Us

OneCard ID Services
Founders Memorial Library 104


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