Ensemble Auditions

Large ensemble audition music will be posted on Blackboard (non-Majors click here) each summer preceding auditions (first week of fall semester).

Note: Music majors log into Blackboard. Under heading 'community', select 'music majors' to access ensemble audition music.

String, Wind and Percussion Audition Information

  • All undergraduate string, wind, and percussion students must appear for large ensemble auditions. Graduate students in some degree programs may also need to audition. Please plan to audition and prepare all audition materials thoroughly.
  • If you are not sure if you need to audition, contact the coordinator of graduate studies and undergraduate advising.
  • Please make every effort to audition during the time frame designated for your instrument. Doing so gives you the best opportunity for the conductors to accurately assess your skills as compared to your colleagues.
  • Professional attire is expected.
  • Bring a copy of your class schedule to the auditions. The conductors may ask for it if needed.
  • Arrive early for your scheduled time. Be prepared to play early if requested to do so.
  • Conductor contact information:

Choral Audition Information

For choral audition information please contact Eric Johnson at ejohnsn@niu.edu.

Jazz Audition Information - Large Ensembles

  • Music will be provided for sight-reading and students will be expected to improvise on the blues form (multiple keys) and Rhythm changes form (Bb).
  • Improvisation over the progression in the sight-reading examples will be expected as well.
  • Contact Prof. Reggie Thomas at reggiethomas@niu.edu for more information. 

Jazz Audition Information - Combos

Individual auditions will take place within your applied studio and will be used in determining combo placement.