Services & Programs

The Students' Legal Assistance attorneys provide consultation, advocacy, and court representation services, as appropriate, to students in a wide variety of cases including:

  • landlord/tenant
  • criminal misdemeanor
  • traffic and ordinance violations
  • consumer (debt collection, contracts, etc.)
  • domestic relations
  • insurance
  • discrimination
  • public benefits
  • and employment

Because of the great demand on the office for services, priorities have been established with respect to the litigation of cases. These priorities are arrived at in consultation with Students' Legal Assistance Review Committee, which provides programmatic oversight of the office.   

Students' Legal Assistance attorneys are prevented by their contracts and/or by the Code of Ethics from representing students in disputes relating to Northern Illinois University and conflicts between students.

In addition to its direct services, Students' Legal Assistance has an extensive legal education program which attempts, where possible, to prevent legal problems through community education. Handout materials include the Roommate Survival Guide, the Traffic Ticket Handbook, the Marriage Handbook, the Used Car Buyer’s Guide, and numerous legal forms including Roommate Agreements, Sublease Agreements, and Room Condition Reports.  

Students' Legal Assistance also provides notary public services.