Attorney Referral

The names offered on the attorney referral list are attorneys who have voluntarily agreed to have their names and information on this site. This list does not represent and should not be taken as a recommendation or endorsement of any of the referral attorneys by NIU, its students, employees, faculty, the Division of Student Affairs or the Students’ Legal Assistance Office.

Students’ Legal Assistance does not endorse the legal abilities of the referral attorneys and assumes no liability for their work. Visitors to this site agree they are independently making personal decisions based upon their needs with regard to the attorneys they decide to contact.

There is no charge to the visitor or to the referral attorneys for participation in this site. NIU Students’ Legal Assistance does not receive payment from the referral attorneys or the visitors for participation or access to this site.

Please note that the list does not include all the attorneys who practice in DeKalb and/or surrounding counties, or that all the attorneys who are licensed to practice.

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