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Graduate Assistant for Assessment Initiatives

Department Mission

Housing and Residential Services is committed to providing a safe, supportive, and educationally empowering community where students can learn, grow, and be successful within a complex and diverse world. Through our facilities, programs, and the collaborative efforts of our staff, student leaders, and campus partners, we promote respect, individuality, and personal responsibility.

Student Affairs & Enrollment Management Mission

In alliance with the educational mission of Northern Illinois University, the Division of Student Affairs & Enrollment Management creates student learning opportunities beyond the classroom that inspire intellectual, personal, and civic growth for leadership in a diverse and complex world.

The Position

The Graduate Assistant for Assessment Initiatives is a ten and a half month, live-out graduate assistantship, and is supervised by a Central Staff member. The position requires the ability to have direct interactions with professional staff, faculty, and students, including student leaders and student staff. The Graduate Assistant for Assessment Initiatives assists with gathering and analyzing assessment data through benchmarking, national and campus surveys, focus groups, and other appropriate methods. Additionally, this GA collaborates with campus partners, committees, and other groups to provide training and make recommendations about changes or modifications addressing potential improvements based on assessment information.


  1. Assessment:
    1. Collaborates intra-departmentally to prepare for and administer national assessment surveys and benchmarking efforts.
    2. Assists with evaluating program goals, learning outcomes and other initiatives for Housing and Residential Services, including Living-Learning Communities (LLCs).
    3. Coordinates or leads departmental focus groups.
    4. Assists faculty, staff, and students with survey design and analysis.
    5. Assists Living-Learning Communities in assessing their individual learning outcomes.
    6. Assists with the preparation of the department’s annual planning and reporting processes.
    7. Manages the data warehousing and time line for the department’s 5-year Assessment Plan.
  2. Leadership:
    1. Develops a communication device used intra-departmentally to inform staff of upcoming assessments and results.
    2. Fosters relationships with students, faculty, and staff in order to assist with gaining accurate student feedback.
    3. Promotes the development of a civil, welcoming, just, and diverse residential community.
    4. Supports the mission, policies, and procedures of the department and the university.
  3. Developing and Presenting Training:
    1. Actively assists in the creation of staff development sessions around assessment topics such as creating learning outcomes, good survey design, and using multiple means of assessment.
    2. Prepares and delivers presentations for faculty and staff on assessment results and implications for specific colleges or departments.
  4. Organizational Responsibilities:
    1. Assists with administrative paperwork related to performing or analyzing assessments.
    2. Collects, files, and tracks monthly assessment information gathered intra-departmentally on a monthly basis.
    3. Creates and implements the marketing plan for departmental assessments.
    4. Establishes and maintains regularly scheduled office hours.
  5. Interpersonal Skills:
    1. Develops and demonstrates some understanding of student development theory.
    2. Incorporates consideration of how various demographics (e.g. race, gender, class, sexual orientation, socio economic status, etc.) may impact assessment strategies and results.
    3. Displays initiative in assessing student needs, and working with campus and department partners.
    4. Demonstrates maturity, professionalism, and positive communication skills when working with faculty, campus partners, students, and peers.
    5. Furthers her or his own professional development by participating in departmental and divisional training and professional development opportunities.


  • Admission to Northern Illinois University’s graduate school and enrolled in a graduate course of study.
  • Preference will be given to graduate students pursuing a degree in Counseling, Adult and Higher Education, but those with the requisite skill set who are pursuing degrees in a closely related field or discipline at Northern Illinois University will be strongly considered.


  • Experience working with students of diverse educational, racial, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills.


A 10.5 month, 20 hours per week position includes:
  • Start Date: July 15, 2016
  • Salary: $1,000 per month (distributed as $500 semi-monthly.)
  • Meal Plan: While Campus Dining Services locations are in operation.
  • Other Benefits: Tuition waiver (excluding fees) and professional development funds; summer employment may also be available.


Send application materials (cover letter, resume, and listing of three professional references) to:

Patricia A. R. Martinez
Director for Residential Communities
Housing and Residential Services
Neptune East Suite 145
Northern Illinois University
DeKalb, IL 60115
Office: (815) 753-1526
Fax: (815)753-9226

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