Current Research Group

Current Group Members

Visiting Professors and Research Scientists
Dr. Fatima Abi-Ghaida Dr. Fatima Abi-Ghaida
Fullbright Scholar

Greetings, I am Dr. Fatima ABI-GHAIDA and I received my PhD from the University of Montpellier (France) in collaboration with the Lebanese University (Lebanon) in 2014. I joined the Lebanese University in 2015 as a teaching and research associate and I am currently a Fulbright scholar awardee at Dr. Hosmane's research group at NIU. My research interests include the synthesis of novel closo‐decaborate precursors for BNCT applications and the development of carborane derivatives applicable in materials.
Dr. Yinghuai Zhu Dr. Yinghuai Zhu
Visiting Professor

Dr Yinghuai Zhu received his Ph.D. degree in 1997. He has been doing boron chemistry and catalysis more than 22 years. His recent research interests include (1) synthesis of novel boron composites for boron neutron capture therapy and material chemistry; (2) development of novel catalysts for green chemistry and industry applications. He is continuing his boron research in Narayan S. Hosmane's group at NIU.

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Graduate Student Researchers
John Wozny John Wozny
Graduate Researcher

I received my Bachelor's of Science from Millikin University in August of 2009. I majored in Biology, Chemistry and Biochemistry and after graduation I started working in the polymer industry. I am acting Research and Development Manager for Colors for Plastics, Inc. Shortly after joining Colors for Plastics, I started attending NIU in the Spring of 2012, as a part‐time student. In January of 2014, I joined Dr. Hosmane's research group and have focused my studies on the synthesis, characterization and functionalization of magnetic nanocomposites. I have been married to my beautiful and supporting wife Johanna Wozny for nine years. We have two daughters, Hailey and Natalya and expecting our third daughter in September of 2015.

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Visiting International Graduate Students
Okan Içten Okan Içten
Graduate Researcher

Hello! I am Okan Içten and I received my Bachelor's Degree in Chemistry from Cukurova University in Turkey. Now, I am a Research Assistant and Ph. D. student at Hacettepe University in Turkey. My department is nanotechnology and nanomedicine. I joined Dr. Hosmane's Lab in February 2011 as a visiting researcher. My research focuses on synthesis, characterization and functionalization of multifunctional nanoparticles for Biomedical Applications such as Boron and Gadolinium Capture Therapy as Cancer Treatment.

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Undergraduate Researchers
Gabriela Fuentes Gabriela Fuentes
Undergraduate Researcher

My name is Gabriela Fuentes and I am currently a junior at NIU, I am majoring in Biology and double minoring in Chemistry and Spanish. I began working in Dr. Hosmane's lab in the fall 2015 academic semester and my research focuses on the synthesis of Boron Nitride Nanotubes. I plan to utilize my competitive nature and creativity in the lab and also look forward to learning from my instructors and peers.
Luc Kuzmanic Luc Kuzmanic
Undergraduate Researcher

My name is Luc Kuzmanic and I am a junior at NIU studying Biochemistry. I joined Dr. Hosmane's research group in summer 2015 and my project focuses on the use of liposomes in BCNT. Under the direction of Dr. Hosmane and the rest of his research group, I look forward to gaining invaluable experience in medicinal chemistry and the scientific process as a whole that will help prepare me for a career in medicine after I graduate from NIU.
Dmytro Lyutyk Dmytro Lyutyk
Undergraduate Researcher

I am Dmytro Lyutyk, and I am currently a sophomore at NIU. I am majoring in Biology and planning to attend med‐school after college. I will be working on Photo‐activated Styrene Star Polymers research.
Alejandra Macias Alejandra Macias
Undergraduate Researcher

My name is Alejandra Macias. I am a junior majoring in Chemistry with an emphasis on pre-med. I joined Dr. Hosmane's research group in 2016. My project focuses on the use of nucleic acids to use as delivery agents for BNCT.
Nicholas Naylor Nicholas Naylor
Undergraduate Researcher

My name is Nicholas Naylor and I am currently a senior at NIU. I am majoring in Chemistry in hopes to pursue a career in pharmaceuticals. I am doing research under Dr. Hosmane, and my specific topic of study is Carboranosilane Precursors. I hope that being inducted into this research group and project will help me broaden my knowledge surrounding Boron neutron Capture Therapy and chemistry in general. I am looking forward to applying what I learn here to what I would be doing after I leave NIU.
Mark Nogalo Mark Nogalo
Undergraduate Researcher

Hi, my name is Mark Nogalo and I am a freshman attending Northern Illinois University. I am a Croatian‐American doing research under Dr. Narayan Hosmane about Boron Neutron Cancer Therapy. My project is the Synthesis and Characterization of Boron Biomolecules and I will be conducting research in the fall 2015 using different nucleic and amino acids as delivery agents, which need to be small enough for liposomes to encapsulate them.
Megan Polz Megan Polz
Undergraduate Researcher

Hello to all, let me start off by introducing myself. My name is Megan Polz and I am a senior at NIU. I am pursuing a Bachelors Degree in General Chemistry and additionally an applied math minor. My interest in research with Dr. Hosmane focuses on Boron Neutron Capture Therapy and the use of Magnetic Nano Particles. I look forward to this research opportunity in hopes of future progression of cancer research and treatment.
Nathan Scanlon Nathan Scanlon
Undergraduate Researcher

I am a junior chemistry major applied math minor working with Dr. Hosmane in my first year of research. My research focus is on Magnetic Cationic Liposomes. The goal of this is to perfect drug delivery systems for Boron Neutron Capture Therapy. I'm excited to learn more about organometallic chemistry and nanochemistry with it's future applications to cancer research.
Oreana Teran Oreana Teran
Undergraduate Researcher

My name is Oreana Teran and I am a sophomore at Northern Illinois University. I am majoring in Biology and minoring in Chemistry on a pre-med track. I will be doing research under Hosmane which will focus on borane derivatives applied to targeted boron neutron capture therapy. I'm thrilled to gain invaluable knowledge in cancer therapy and how it can treat patients.
Ryan Yedinak Ryan Yedinak
Undergraduate Researcher

My research involves creating a boron based polymer starting with decaborane and creating a cage structure called closo-decaborate. We then used closo-decaborate to create a 2 dimensional network with siloxane groups. This structure could have potential for use as a flame retardant. We are currently focused on getting better yield for our product.
Jennifer Zarate Jennifer Zarate
Undergraduate Researcher

My name is Jennifer Zarate, I am majoring in Biological Sciences with an emphasis in pre med. This is my second semester working in Dr. Homsane's research lab, focusing in BNCT (Boron Neutron Capture Therapy).

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Summer Research Students
Mason Hayward Mason Hayward

I am a M.S. student in the Physics department. I completed my B.S. in Professional Physics here at NIU. I am currently working on nanoparticle characterization using the electron microscope and multiple spectroscopic techniques.
Nitya Nagarajan Nitya Nagarajan

I am a rising senior at Metea Valley High School located in Aurora, IL. My favorite subject in school is Anatomy & Physiology. In my spare time, I avidly play Badminton in which I am a state final qualifier and medalist. I am working on magnetic iron oxide nanoparticles used in BNCT.
Joon Park Joon Park

I’m a rising junior at Sycamore High School. My favorite subject in school is math. I play the violin in a chamber orchestra. I am working on magnetic iron oxide nanoparticles for BNCT.

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