Professional Activities


Professional Affiliations

Boards and Editorships

  • International Editorial Advisory Board, Wiley‐VCH's (ChemPubSoc Europe) new journal, ChemistryOPEN, 2011–present
  • Section Editor of Applied Organometallic Chemistry (AOC), 2003–present
  • International Editorial Advisory Board for Organometallics, a premier journal of the American Chemical Society, Jan 2006–present
  • Regional Editor of Molecules, an International Internet journal
  • Editorial Board of an International Journal, Main Group Metal Chemistry, 1999–2003
  • Guest Editor, Special Issue of the Applied Organometallic Chemistry—Main Group Metal Compounds commemorating 65th birthday of Professor Thomas P. Fehlner entitled "Recent Advances in Inorganometallic Chemistry" published by Wiley‐VCH, in April / May 2003
  • Guest Editor, Special Issue of the Journal of Organometallic Chemistry commemorating 70th birthday of Professor Sheldon G. Shore entitled "From Borane Cages to Metal Clusters: Recent Developments," published by Elsevier Science, in November 2000
  • Guest Editor, Special Issue of Phosphorus, Sulfur, and Silicon Volume 87, Numbers 1–4, 1994) entitled "Symposium on Recent Advances in the Chemistry of the Main‐Group Elements," Austin, Texas, October 24–27, 1993, published by Gordon and Breach
  • Editorial Board of an International Journal Main Group Chemistry , published by Taylor & Francis
  • Special Issue of Main Group Chemistry in conjunction with the Symposium entitled "Polyfunctional Organoboranes—From Molecules to Materials" organized by Frieder Jaekle and François P. Gabbaï held at 232nd ACS National Meeting, San Francisco, September 10–14, 2006, published by Taylor & Francis, 2007