Career Decision-Making


At Career Services, we believe that academic and career decision-making can give you the knowledge and confidence to launch your career success. We want your decision-making process to be positive, encouraging and to generate excitement about your future. We offer:

Our career counselors take a holistic approach to career development. At a one-on-one career counseling appointment, your counselor will help you identify your strengths, discuss your goals and create a plan to get the information you need to make academic and career decisions. We recommend that you schedule a career decision-making appointment no later than the second semester of your first year of college. Call 815-753-1642 to schedule your appointment.

Career tests provide valuable information about your interests and priorities. This knowledge can help you make academic choices, such as your major or minor, with confidence and can also help you make career decisions.

FOCUS 2: This self-guided career website allows you to complete questionnaires that measure what you like to do, what's important to you and your skills. You can combine this knowledge with information about college majors and occupations to generate career ideas. Career Services provides free access to FOCUS 2 for the NIU community.

It’s difficult to make a decision without knowing what the options are. We’ll teach you how to learn about the world of work to help you discover possible career paths. We can also help you learn about career options through participation in student organizations and internships. Note: Like all data sources, career information should be evaluated by each user for its accuracy and credibility (see our Disclaimer).

Tools we use include: