Find Internships and Jobs


Want to find an internship or job that’ll be a good fit for you? Completing an internship will help you develop valuable workplace skills and make you a more competitive candidate for full-time positions.

Tools for Your Internship or Job Search Strategy

Visit career fairs and events. Take advantage of these important opportunities to meet employers face to face. Learn more about why career fairs are important.

Over one-thousand internship and job opportunities are available within the Huskies Get Hired system. Many of these opportunities have been posted by employers who are specifically interested in recruiting NIU students. Not sure how to use the Huskies Get Hired system so that you can apply for these positions? Visit the Career Resource Center for expert help.

Employers are increasingly using LinkedIn as both a recruiting method and as a way of gathering information about candidates. If you’re new to LinkedIn, learn how to set up your profile. Career Services offers an in-depth, hands-on LinkedIn workshop to take you beyond the basics; call 815-753-1642 for information about dates and times.

Some industries use specialized recruitment strategies other than career fairs or job posting databases such as Huskies Get Hired. Meet with a career counselor to learn specific strategies for your industry of interest.

Visit our What You Can Do With Your Major page for resources listed by major and grouped by industry clusters.

Additional employers seeking diverse candidates

Plan Your Internship Search

Schedule a meeting with a career counselor during the second semester of your first year at NIU to begin making internship plans. Internships are paid or unpaid career-related experiences that can take place during summers or the academic year. Our career counselors will help you identify your career-related interests so that you can make decisions about internships and jobs.

Your internship may qualify to be recognized by NIU and may be eligible for a special notation on your official NIU transcript stating that you successfully completed a career-related work experience. Minimum requirements to earn a transcript notation include: 2.0 GPA, an internship experience of at least 120 clock hours, and 30 hours of academic credit completed prior to the internship. To qualify for the transcript notation, you must first complete a reporting form before the internship begins. Questions? Contact Caroline Kosmel at Career Services ( or 815-753-8341)

With the permission of your academic department, you may be able to earn course credit for your internship experience. Contact your academic advisor for more information. Questions about earning academic credit for internships? Contact Cathy Doederlein, Director of Internships and External Relations, at

Plan Your Job Search

Whether you’re an undergraduate or graduate student, we recommend planning your job search 12 to 18 months before you graduate. Schedule an appointment with a career counselor to create a job search strategy that’s right for you.

What kinds of internships and jobs are offered through Career Services?

Internships, full-time jobs, and part-time (off-campus) jobs are posted online in the Huskies Get Hired system. Students and alumni are invited to view and apply for these positions. For information about on-campus jobs and graduate assistantships, visit Human Resource Services.

Job Scams

Be cautious of scam job postings and email, particularly when using any online job posting system. If you are contacted with suspicious requests or notice suspicious job opportunities, email immediately with information about the employer and position title so we can assist you. Read the full text of the NIU Career Services Disclaimer and read important information about job scams. Remember: If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.