Corporate Partners

We seek to develop long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships with local and regional industries.  We combine our expertise in engineering fields to improve your productivity and profitability while providing our students with real-world learning experiences.

Our faculty has extensive experience assisting small and large size companies on successful projects.

Utilize Our Expertise and Facilities

Advance Your Workforce

Support Our Students

  • Scholarships: Create a scholarship and send more students into engineering professions
  • Senior Design Projects: Support a project and watch as our students solve your real-world problems
  • E-Pride: Provide mentorship, guidance, advice, and networking opportunities to current engineering and technology students. 
  • Internships: Provide real-world opportunities to our students
  • CEET Student Organizations/Clubs: Sponsor a team of students as they compete and/or practice engineering nationally and internationally
  • Lab Naming: Support one of our state-of-the-art labs so our students continue to learn with the best technology
  • Corporate Scholars Program: Invest in a student for four years and gain summer interns and full-time employment upon graduation


  • Save money
  • Solve problems efficiently
  • Gain direct access to our brightest students and your future workforce
  • Advance your current workforce by utilizing our credit and non-credit opportunities
  • Take advantage of state-of-the-art equipment
  • Develop relationships with faculty to have theoretical and hands-on experience

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