NIU Engineering @ RVC


An industry integrated program connecting employers to the work force of the future.

Businesses throughout the Rockford region have put their support behind NIU Engineering@RVC. Our corporate partners offer students mentors, internships and job opportunities, giving you hands-on experience and local industry connections to help you succeed.

Connected. Benefit from our corporate partnerships. Guaranteed interviews for internships in the region will help you gain the hands-on experience you need to succeed.

Convenient. Complete your degree and increase your earning potential closer to home and work in Rockford, a thriving hub for the engineering and technology, aerospace and manufacturing fields.

Affordable. Take advantage of affordable public university tuition rates from NIU and RVC or your local community college.


  • Earn your NIU degree from NIU faculty.
  • Enjoy a program accredited by ABET, the global standard for degrees in engineering and engineering technology.
  • Work in new state-of-the art laboratories on the RVC campus.
  • Benefit from a program ranked in the Top 70 in the nation by US News & World Report (2016).
  • Join our network of engineering alumni, who have close to a 100 percent job placement rate.

B.S. in Mechanical Engineering

With our convenient four-year program and individualized advising to guide you through the process. You'll complete your freshman and sophomore years at RVC, then complete your junior and senior years with NIU classes and professors and earn your NIU engineering degree on the Rock Valley College campus. Get more information about the program format.


Mechanical engineering is one of the broadest and most diverse engineering fields. A degree in Mechanical Engineering offers you flexibility in future employment, as well as the knowledge and skills you need to design devices and products that benefit society. Get more information about BSME careers.

B.S. in Applied Manufacturing Technology

Start with a technical associate in applied science degree. You can fill any gaps in your prerequisites with classes at NIU or your local community college, then take 10 upper-division technology courses through NIU to complete your degree. All of the NIU classes in this program are offered online, giving you the flexibility to take classes when it suits your life. Get started and apply today!


U.S. manufacturing is becoming increasingly high-tech and industries need a work force that can keep up. Your studies will give you the knowledge and skills to adapt to changing technologies. Employees with a bachelor's degree also typically have greater job security and upward mobility than those without. Learn more about the program.

Alumni Testimonial

"As a graduate of both RVC (‘00) and NIU (‘02) I appreciated the expertise of my professors, and now the convenience of having both programs on the RVC campus will be a game changer for working adults in the Rockford area balancing career and education like I did - without the drive!"     by Tina Lake, Manager, Advanced Quality Engineering

If you are a prospective or current RVC student, contact 
David Schneider 

If you are currently at another community college or seeking information on how to earn the bachelor’s degree, contact 
Matt Gonser
NIU Project Manager
NIU @ RVC Initiative

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