PHYS 375 - Laboratory Electronics I






Catalog Description:

Fundamentals of circuit analysis and the physics of electronic devices. Topics include DC and AC circuits, signal transmission, noise, feedback, semiconductors, operational amplifiers, and simple digital logic.

PRQ: PHYS 252 or PHYS 273

A second course in electronics is PHYS 475 - Laboratory Electronics II


This course consists of two weekly lecture/laboratory periods.

The lecture part will cover the basic theory of simple electronic circuits.

  • DC and AC circuits
  • Diodes and transistors
  • Switches and digital logic
  • Signal amplification in transistors and op-amps

The laboratory part will cover techniques of building and debugging circuits and follow the lectures

  • Building circuits with breadboards and components
  • Using power supplies and digital multimeters
  • Using function generators and oscilloscopes
  • Wiring simple integrated circuits
  • Use of computers using LabView as part of circuit testing


last updated January 19, 2012